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Whether you’re a client or a partner, it’s always interesting to work on projects that take advantage of the best technology out there.

Geek Cafe is a new and unique concept in the restaurant business. Order and pay directly from your phone or interactive table, no need to wait on the waiter anymore. Enjoy the best of client experiences!

Mobile app

TV app

Are you finding it hard to muster up the motivation to work out every day? TraceX might be the solution for you. This mobile application allows you to accumulate points during your training sessions at the gym or while you’re jogging or biking, and redeem them for discount coupons. Also visit the “hottest” places to work out thanks to the hotspot section.

Mobile app

Smart Watch app

Centralizing company data in one single location in order to facilitate its daily management: thats the mission that Hoodle has set forth. Available for use on both web and mobile, the application also makes it easier to analyse business activity.

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Web app

A private application targeted at a network of influencers, Math&Jay allows for the allocation and the management of contracts for influencers. Through the application, they can accept or cancel mandates and participate in private events.

Mobile app

The Team ID application allows the entire team of Enterface to send virtual business cards and improve daily work management thanks to various functionalities. All of the information they need access to is therefore always available to them.

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