System for automating the existence procedures to be followed by the operators. Contractual technical support agreements have been rigorously defined by the response time and the different actors.

Who's Veolia ?

Veolia is a French multinational operating in four main utility and public utility sectors traditionally managed by public authorities: water management, waste management, transport and energy services. Veolia is present in 48 countries.

What are their needs?

Veolia is responsible for the management of several mega data centers around the world. The company was looking for a solution to automate the emergency procedures to be followed by the operators. The mega-data centers' technical support agreements are very strict on the response times and the different actors to be informed during a crisis.

Opportunities for an operator to omit a call or a step were relatively high and put at risk the respect of the contractual agreements. Veolia was looking for ways to automate these emergency procedures as much as possible.

Proposed solutions

In order to develop a personalized and quality solution that meets all of their needs, we have proposed the following solutions:


Design UX/UI

Android Tablet



Standardization of the reports allowing a better valuation of the data. Automated communication to improve the speed of communication and improve compliance with contractual agreements for crisis management actions. Reduced operator error during crisis management events.

To come, the solution will be officially launched with Véolia during the 2nd quarter of 2019