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What is a custom business application?

With all the new technologies out on the market today, competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer and client expectations are much higher than they used to be. A business application allows you to offer a personalized experience to your client base, increase your sales, optimize your operations by reducing operational costs and helps you make better decisions based on a variety of collected data.

Web app

A web application is an application that is accessible through a web browser, in the same way a website would be. Available on all device formats, a web application is an affordable and quick option that holds thousands of possibilities to offer your client base.

More than


of those aged 18 to 20
prefer using an online service

Mobile app

A mobile application is a very efficient tool that gives your clients (users) access to a multitude of functionalities. It is an effective way to reach a new target audience or to automate and simplify your internal operations. Various options are available to you during the conception of your application, whether it be hybrid or native. It is important to discuss your options with a professional in the field in order to get the best recommendations possible for your project, as performance can differ from one platform to another.

Online business

E-business is a web application derivative. Often used by companies to sell their products online, it is also popular amongst companies that offer services. E-business allows your business to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all across the globe.

An overview of your company

Consult a wealth of data in real time in order to make decisions faster and more easily thanks to a dashboard tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Connect your existing software

Thanks to API, easily integrate all of your software in one place in order to facilitate your operations.

and thousands of other possibilities

Every company is unique.
Your app should be too!

Develop a custom application that fits
your needs and meets your goals

A client approach that instils confidence

Make a great impression on your future and current clients by providing them with a digital experience that showcases your expertise in your field and highlights your portfolio.

A next-level client experience

Did you know that 85% of clients would be willing to pay over 25% more for an improved experience? With the help of an application, you can enhance the shopping experience you provide thanks to various functionalities. Make a positive impact on your clients thanks to a mobile application connected to your store and allow them to benefit from the most comprehensive of experiences.

Wherever and whenever thanks to the cloud!

Centralize all your data in a secure and efficient cloud storage. You can thereby adapt your hosting capacities to your application’s demand. What’s more, you’ll receive competent, available and friendly technical support at all times! 😉

Automate your operations

The major expense for most businesses remains the total payroll. By automating your operations with an application, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to minimize your expenses. What’s more, you also enjoy a major advantage: no breaks, the application will work for you non-stop and every day.

Complete client support

It is always a highly reassuring selling point for your clients to know that your client support service is satisfactory and available. With highly-developed client support functionalities, you will be able to offer comprehensive assistance to your clients without jeopardizing your operations.

Geek Café

A reinvented
restaurant experience

A 2.0 restaurant experience with interactive tables where everything you wish to order is right at your fingertips.

Zone Sécurisée

Hundreds of events
in real time

Modernizing operational methods for the management of several hundreds of security agents with the use of a mobile and web application.

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