Personalized solutions

App development custom to your needs

What is a personalized solution?

A solution or in other words a custom application is an architecture gathering different features dedicated to meet specific needs. This solution can be for an application idea available to consumers or being an internal solution in a company.

Why invest in app ?

With thousands of solutions on the market, sometimes you have to ask the question: And why an application? The primary benefit of an app is the accessibility and flexibility of a powerful tool directly in your hands.

How an app works?

Technology is often a foreign language for most people. So here's a summary of how it works. First, an application must be installed or accessible via a platform (phone, tablet, computer, etc ...) to be used. Secondly, in most cases, an application asks to have a server part to store data (first name, age, etc ...) or to perform actions (bank payment, update a password, etc ...).

Process steps

You have decided to answer your challenges via a personalized solution? Good choice! But now, how are things going? Here are what the different stages of developing a custom solution look like:


Who says application says ideas! That's why we start with a brainstorming session. This step is very important because it puts all the ideas on the table.

Specs book

Following the ideas out of the brainstorm it is the time to create a specs book to create a MVP (Minimal Value Product) of your product by filtering the ideas collected in order of priority of relevance to the product.


Design & prototype

This stage is where creativity, marketing, experience comes together. We create all the visuals and the experience your users will have when they use your platform and its features.



Now that your solution is complete, it's time to give it life. This is where the computer development comes in. The developers will come to create the application according to the prototype created and the requirements of the specifications.


Quality Assurance (QA)

Although the product is developed, it would be wrong to believe that it is perfectly completed. It is for this reason that an analysis team comes to test the product in order to find failures that would always be present.



Following the report that the analysis team will have completed, the development team will have the deficiencies corrected to ensure that they are no longer present in the product upon delivery to the customer.


Customer test

Once the first test session has been completed, the product is now in the customer's hands so that the customer can test and analyze it. The latter will then be able to send us a report of the failures generated if necessary.



Similar to the first adjustments, if any, the development team will fix the latest product failures in order to have a satisfying and stable product at launch.


Now that the product is fully completed, it is time to deploy the solution in its public or private (server) environment as needed. From this moment, users will be able to start using it.

Your source code

When the project is finished, the source code will be 100% yours.

No operating costs

Our applications are delivered free of any operating cost and without monthly fees or annual user license./p>

Management team

All our projects are supported by a project manager who ensures that we respect deadlines and budget.


We have several financial partners that allow us to offer financing products.